GeoTerra has a wide range of aerial photography services. We offer both LiDAR collection and frame based imagery with latest-generation sensors.  Imagery can be simultaneously captured with Lidar as needed using our PhaseOne medium format mapping camera.

GeoTerra offers the most current technology with our Optech Galaxy Prime LiDAR sensor;  enabling us to cover larger areas fast and efficiently.  The Galaxy is a revolutionary sensor, breaking through many of the constraints of earlier generation systems.

Aerial images are acquired with our industry-standard Microsoft Vexcel UltraCam Falcon P large format aerial mapping cameras (with AGPS/IMU.) Our experienced pilots and camera operators will work with you to deliver the best possible imagery to fit your project specifications. With four owned fixed wing aircraft and one helicopter (chartered as needed), we can fly missions from ultra low altitude high-accuracy lines to high level flights designed to cover large areas.  Additional mobilization points are available through partner firms.

We are experts utilizing Airborne GPS, using PPP techniques, CORS or surveyor-staffed stations near a project. IMU data further enhances the utility of mapping photography. Special conditions such as target times, tide envelopes, communications with ground personnel or coordination in high traffic or military airspace are routine for us.

Many customers use our oblique aerials for a wide variety of applications from site documentation and sales images to construction progress and visual displays. Preferred angles can be predefined, or our experienced operator can pick views to optimize the site for your purposes. Obliques can also be combined with vertical photography in most cases, for a minimal additional cost.  We use Nikon DSLR cameras to provide very high resolution images.